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outfitter review submitted by: Lonnie Scott on Jul 5 2007

Species Hunted: Black Bear

Game Quality: Poor

Accommodation Quality: Good

Camp Condition: Fair

Food Quality: Good

Guide Experience: Very Good

Other Personal Experience: Good

Overall Impression: Very Poor

Recommend: Absolutly Not

Reviewer Comments: I first learned of Ken Ganglers Bear Hunts from the successful hunts he provided for The Archers Choice TV show,I then met him at the St. Louis All Canada Show,Where I was shopping for a hunt for myself and two sons, Ken told me that the success on his bear hunts had been lower in 2006 due to an early ice out, and early green-up, but that Pryor to 06 he had been 100%, and we could expect a high success hunt. I discussed the fact that while I had hunted Canada several times, this was not only a Christmas Present, it was also going to be the first big game hunt other than our local Whitetails for my sons, and while his hunt was advertised as a fly-in trophy Black Bear hunt, my first concern was a hunt where I could be sure the boys would have the excitement of seeing a few bears, he assured me we would have active baits, and at one point he told me "You worry too much." When we arrived in camp we were shown a Huge dead-decomposing bear laying 40 yards from our tent that had came into camp the day before we arrived and had been shot by our guide. when I ask if any baits had been hit, I was told "NO" that the baits had only been put out two days before we arrived. There were a total of five baits on our lake,two of which we were told were being saved for the two guys coming in next week. Bottom line - no baits were touched all week. One 125 lb bear was seen by three hunters all week. When I returned to the main lodge we talked to two hunters from another camp who had seen one bear all week too. When Ken Gangler ask us what we thought was wrong, I tried to talk about the fact that the Ice had been off the lake for over two weeks and that by owning two of his own planes, he should have made it a priority to get the bait out sooner, he became very defensive and left me with the impression that he really did'nt care that I had spent 10 thousand dollars for the three of us a camping trip. My opinion, he is a very arogant man who has some good media coverage, but does not provide what he promises.

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