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Abbott Brook Guide Service

Rated 3 out of 5.0 based on 17 Outfitter reviews.

Location: Rangeley, Maine

Species Hunted: Whitetail Deer, Black Bear, Coyote

State(s) Hunted: ME


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Submitted by: Dan Jones

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Review Submitted: Jan 29, 2012

Hunt Date: Jan 29, 2012

Species Hunted: Black Bear

Days Hunted: 6

Hunt Type: Guided

Primary Terrain: Mountain

Method: Shotgun

Price Range: 1000-1999

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Should be shut-down

This guy has been operating like this for years. I believe the only reason he doesn't get shut-down is because MOST of his customers are from out-of-state. People in Maine generally-speaking, hate non-residents. The state of Maine isn't going to do ANYTHING that decreases revenue for their state, ESPECIALLY for non-residents. That is why this guy hasn't been shut-down. I went there many years ago on a GUARANTEED bear/hound hunt. I didn't get one the first year. I could not go back the second year because of a job demand. When I tried to go back the third year Russ came up with all kinds of bull about the bears going into hibernation, and a bunch of bull. I did go back after hounding him. What a cluster. I hate the place, I hate him, and some of his guides. The guides would drive 70 MPH on Rt. 16 heading to Stratton at 5 AM with moose all over the sides of the road. If we had hit one, I would have been crushed beyond belief. The place was a horror-show for me. No propane. Skunks under the lodge, which was nothing but an old ranch-style house. One of the guides was a punk, who got pissed at one of the hunters for no reason. The other was a nasty SOB, who I felt like punching. One of the them was a good guy, ( DAVE ). They were ill-equipped. No boat, no atvs, some guys had to use their OWN trucks!! It's exactly like almost everyone here stated, a joke! Although I don't consider it a joke, when I waste my time, money, and energy on this. I consider it a CRIMINAL enterprise, that should be shut-down and prosecuted, or at least sued civilly. I did get a bear, and the meat went bad overnight because they could not get it out of the wooods for me. It smelled horrible, I had to throw it all away. I blame the state of Maine for allowing this to continue. They hate people from away, but they like our money. I have stayed away from Maine for years. Great woods, but a bad state for me. I could go on with more details about his operation, but suffice to say, go there if you want, I could not care less, but do it at your own peril, the outfit is a scam for desperate out-of-staters that are dying to shoot a bear.

hunt rating

Submitted by: Christoff Kasada

Review Submitted: Jan 10, 2011

Hunt Date: Sep 5, 2010

Species Hunted: Black Bear

Days Hunted: 5

Hunt Type: Guided

Primary Terrain: Mountain

Method: Bow

Price Range: 500-999

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met expectations Size of animals seen, met expections?

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note: The following reviews predate the numeric rating system and are not included in this outfitter's overall rating.

outfitter review submitted by: Todd Hamilton on Sep 12 2009

Species Hunted: Black Bear

Game Quality: None

Accommodation Quality: Poor

Camp Condition: Poor

Food Quality: NA

Guide Experience: Poor

Other Personal Experience: Poor

Overall Impression: Very Bad

Recommend: No way

Reviewer Comments: This guide service is a joke. The one and only guide at camp got his maine license on Friday before our hunt started the next Monday.We shared our lodge with a total of 8 people with one restroom and kitchen.No hot water Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning because all of the propane tanks were empty. Russ is full of excuses,you see him on Sunday afternoon to check you in and then he is gone for the rest of the week until the next Sunday when his next group of victims shows up.18 people in camp, 1 bear sighted all week by a guy that has been coming there for ten years. Who I feel like is in on the take,because he does his brochures and is even in them. Please before you book with this outfit check with the Better Business Burea and the Local Chamber of Commerce.

outfitter review submitted by: Richard Thompson on Sep 13 2008

Species Hunted: Black Bear

Game Quality: NONE

Accommodation Quality: VERY BAD

Camp Condition: VERY BAD

Food Quality: BRING OWN

Guide Experience: NONE

Other Personal Experience: NONE

Overall Impression: NOT


Reviewer Comments: We had to share two toilets and showers with sixteen people on one hot water tank. Bed room windows had no curtains.

outfitter review submitted by: Paul Sigler on Mar 30 2008

Species Hunted: Black Bear

Game Quality: Poor

Accommodation Quality: Fair

Camp Condition: Fair

Food Quality: Cook your own

Guide Experience: Overall real bad

Other Personal Experience: also poor

Overall Impression: Bunch of con men

Recommend: Never

Reviewer Comments: Overbooked (close to 40 ) in a small camp. Poor bait sites, lazy guides did little to no work. Owner Russ spent most of the time trying to sell tuna fishing trips out of Boston. Low price draws you in but in the end you get ripped off, just a bad experience. Definitely check out references before selecting any guides but stay away from this place if you want a successful hunt.

outfitter review submitted by: Bill Ward on Mar 21 2008

Species Hunted: bear

Game Quality: good

Accommodation Quality: excellent

Camp Condition: very clean

Food Quality: n/a

Guide Experience: excellent

Other Personal Experience: n/a

Overall Impression: affordable/well conducted

Recommend: yes

Reviewer Comments: Planning on our 10th year at lodge. Best deal in Maine. I am bringing my son this year. Kids are free ! How can you beat that? Cabins are modern and very clean. We have been to other places in the past Russ's is the best to date. Practice your shooting. Too many bad shots the week we were there. 5 wounded bears

outfitter review submitted by: Larry Alonso on Mar 3 2008

Species Hunted: bear

Game Quality: great

Accommodation Quality: great

Camp Condition: great

Food Quality: prepared our own

Guide Experience: great

Other Personal Experience: none

Overall Impression: can not wait till return

Recommend: yes

Reviewer Comments: Hunted with Russ 4 times and took my teenage son for free every time. My son and I have both taken bear there. The accommodations are really great. There were at least 6 satellite t.v. s. My son also caught a beautiful native brook trout. Russ also put on a great cook out for the 15 kids that were there. Overall a great place to go.

outfitter review submitted by: Jerry Antonelli on Feb 22 2008

Species Hunted: bear

Game Quality: excellent

Accommodation Quality: excellent

Camp Condition: excellent

Food Quality: N/A

Guide Experience: excellent

Other Personal Experience: N/A

Overall Impression: great experience

Recommend: yes

Reviewer Comments: Have been hunting at Abbott Brook for 8 years. I have shot 5 bear and 1 was a Boone and Crocket bear. The lodge is clean and very modern. I am looking forward to returning in o8. I am surprised to see complaints about the lodge. I am very fussy and the facilities are exceptional. I also have never seen 40 hunters at the camp.

outfitter review submitted by: Ed O'Donnell on Nov 24 2007

Species Hunted: Black Bear

Game Quality: Small scrawny last years cub

Accommodation Quality: Office was converted to sleepi

Camp Condition: Good kitchen

Food Quality: Bring your own

Guide Experience: 1 guide "Wes" was good

Other Personal Experience: Poor

Overall Impression: Poor

Recommend: No way

Reviewer Comments: Camp was way overbooked 30+ hunters. Hunters did not have bait hit all week and when they asked to be placed at another sight the so called guides got all pissy and refused. They advertised a saloon/rec room but had converted that into a bunk house to pack in more hunters. Definitely no truth in advertising here.

outfitter review submitted by: James Pittman on Sep 24 2007

Species Hunted: Bear

Game Quality: 0

Accommodation Quality: -0

Camp Condition: -0

Food Quality: N/A

Guide Experience: 0

Other Personal Experience: 0

Overall Impression: A complete waste of time and money

Recommend: NO WAY!!!

Reviewer Comments: DO NOT GO HERE!!!!!!! This experience was a complete waste of time and money. I was lied to from the beginning. First, my partner and I were told we would be housed in a private area and were not. We were in a run down old cabin with three other hunters whom we did not know and we shared the same bathroom and kitchen. Through shear luck we got along. Second, we where guaranteed to have an active bait sight, mine and my buddy's bait was never hit in the five days we were there. My sight was so close to a state highway that I could turn around and see cars passing. On one night I saw and heard a lady walking her dog! I told the supposed guide and his response was the bear are used to hearing and seeing people which any hunter knows is a bunch of crap. While we are discussing the guide. His skill was walk you to a sight that is supposed to be active and that was the end of is guiding skills. I was also told they where a low volume guide service but during the last week there was nearly 30 hunters there and no bears taken. This whole experience was a nightmare. I paid hard earned money and a weeks worth of vacation for this!!! There are several complaints lodged against this outfitter. If you want to help prevent you fellow sportsman and women from being victims of this guy please write a letter of complaint to: Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife 284 State Street 41 State House Station Augusta, ME 04333-0041 ATTN: Mary Ann

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