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Contact: Neal Meyer

Location: Quincy, Illinois

Species Hunted: Whitetail Deer

State(s) Hunted: IL


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outfitter review submitted by: Andrew Gomeringer on Mar 17 2005

Species Hunted: deer

Game Quality: poor

Accommodation Quality: motel

Camp Condition: motel

Food Quality: buy your own

Guide Experience: poor

Other Personal Experience: poor

Overall Impression: poor

Recommend: no way

Reviewer Comments: A group of us hunted with neil last season. He told us that we should see some good bucks on our hunt, and that we should be seeing 15-25 deer a day. That should have thrown up a red flag for us, but we bought into it. When we arrived he was singing a diffrent tune. He stated that these deer are very hard to hunt and you arent going to find one behind every tree.(no kidding). We were put in a motel with 4 other groups that were hunting with him. After the 2nd day of seeing very few and small deer, the group's of hunters staying at the motel began comparing notes. Many guys including us had hunted both days from sun up to sun down and seen nothing to speak of. The 3rd day of our hunt we had a guy sighting his gun in on our property. That did not go over well with us. By the 4th day many guys left knowing that there was little to no chance with this guy. I would never hunt with this guy again.

outfitter review submitted by: S. Levulis on Feb 27 2005

Species Hunted: whitail deer

Game Quality: poor

Accommodation Quality: poor

Camp Condition: decent

Food Quality: none

Guide Experience: none

Other Personal Experience: poor

Overall Impression: poor

Recommend: never

Reviewer Comments: Neal states that he manages for whitetails, but the fact is he's always drunk and will not help you look for your deer. Your 100% on your own. My father shot a 140 class whitetail and he didn't help us at all, too drunk on our beer, we got lost in his woods all day tracking the deer, it started to get dark so we had to back out. This was the most awful hunt you can imagine, we left after 3 days couldn't take 2 more days of it. Don't waste your money.

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