Andrew Lake Lodge

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Andrew Lake Lodge

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Contact: Dan Wettlaufer

Location: Alberta

Species Hunted: Black Bear, Canada Moose

State(s) Hunted: AB


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outfitter review submitted by: Jeff Stone on Feb 3 2009

Species Hunted: Moose

Game Quality: 11 moose 6 bulls

Accommodation Quality: Spike Camp

Camp Condition: Good

Food Quality: n/a

Guide Experience: n/a

Other Personal Experience: Great

Overall Impression: Great

Recommend: Yes.

Reviewer Comments: We did another resident drop camp this year with Dan.Flew in for 14 days.Called in 7 moose on our lake and saw 3 flying. 2 bulls over 50',1 pushing 50,2 in the mid 40's and a spiker.All moose were called in to 50 yards or less.I shot the biggest bull with archery which was 55" and scored 193 gross.Will be the new #5 Pope and Young Bull for Alberta all time.Passed on all other bulls and spent 3/4 of the 14 days in the tent due to unbelievable high winds.Great hunt and we are booked again this year (5th trip ).Moose aren't around every corner but if your hard work and luck come together it can be an amazing hunt.The landcape and northern lights are simply amazing.

outfitter review submitted by: Lacy Blankenship on Oct 9 2007

Species Hunted: moose

Game Quality: poor

Accommodation Quality: excellant

Camp Condition: excellant

Food Quality: excellant

Guide Experience: good

Other Personal Experience: fair

Overall Impression: too costly for amt. of game

Recommend: 2/13 sucess 2007

Reviewer Comments: Expected a whole lot more as far as seeing moose. Had one opportunity at a very small bull. Five other hunters that I talked with had similar experience. People were terrific, worked hard. Maybe just a bad year?

outfitter review submitted by: Glen Bachman on Oct 7 2006

Species Hunted: Moose

Game Quality: Poor

Accommodation Quality: Good

Camp Condition: Good

Food Quality: Good

Guide Experience: Poor

Other Personal Experience: Fair

Overall Impression: Poor

Recommend: No

Reviewer Comments: 2x1 Hunt for which my friend and I purchased fishing licenses (from the outfitter) then were flown to a lake that the outfitter knew had no fish. Furthermore, both guides in camp had NEVER guided for moose before and upon questioning we learned were not able to cape a moose if the need arose. Repeated equipment failure and shortage of gasoline for boats hampered hunting along with the unwillingness of the guides to hunt in windy weather. Ultimately my friend and I ended up hunting without the guides and my friend took a small bull on the second last day of hunt. I would not recommend this outfitter to anyone. He was mostly interested in getting our money. Once that was accomplished the effort to get us an opportunity at an animal ceased. We ended up having to do it ourselves.

outfitter review submitted by: Jeff Stone on Dec 27 2004

Species Hunted: Moose

Game Quality: Very Good

Accommodation Quality: Very Good

Camp Condition: Very Good

Food Quality: NA

Guide Experience: Unguided Drop Camp

Other Personal Experience: Very Good

Overall Impression: Excellent

Recommend: Highley Recomend

Reviewer Comments: If you are looking for a inexspensive drop camp for trophy moose in the Canadian Shield, Dan is the one to go with.This was our second drop camp with Dan and the weather was great for calling. My brother took a heavy horned 41 inch moose at 40 yards, and I harvested a monster 50 inch bull on the last day of our week long hunt. Bear,wolf and fishing are an added bonus on the hunt.This place will capture your heart with it's beautiful lakes,northern lights,and big moose.

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