Big Horn Mountain Outfitters

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Big Horn Mountain Outfitters

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Contact: Toby Johnson

Location: Big Horn, Wyoming

Species Hunted: Whitetail Deer, Elk, Pronghorn Antelope

State(s) Hunted: WY

Website: no information on file

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outfitter review submitted by: Peter Rickard on Jan 16 2005

Species Hunted: Elk Deer P/Horn B/Bear

Game Quality: Good

Accommodation Quality: Excellent

Camp Condition: Very Poor

Food Quality: Average

Guide Experience: Excellent to very poor

Other Personal Experience: Poor

Overall Impression: dissapointed

Recommend: No

Reviewer Comments: We arrived from Australia on a 21 day hunt to find the Whitetail season didnt open until 3 days after we were due to fly out. I hunted with a mate, we both took Mule deer, & Pronghorn, I also took an Elk & Black bear. The outfitter had far too many hunters in camp all the time & not enough guides, he didnt have enough properties to hunt on. One of our guides "Stanley" just didnt have an idea about guiding at all, all he was interested in was drinking coffee. Stanley was our Elk guide, yet had never seen an Elk dressed, skinned & quartered, this guy was really an amatuer. The outfitter "Toby" was hands down one of the nicest guys you would ever want to meet, however, his organisation & attention to detail were non exisitant, sure he pushed himself & in his way tried hard, but he was never going to be able to make it happen properly, because he was way too far over booked. There's more to hunting than just pulling the trigger & taking an animal, its supposed to be about the thrill of the hunt & the experience, at least I think so. I was expecting more, sure I tagged out, but I wished I had of been able to hunt more, I sat around a fair bit waiting to go hunting, again too many hunters in camp, it was more of a ranch hunt than a hunting adventure. Toby's not one for detail or organisation, make sure you have a written agreement about the hunt inclusions & EXACTLY what its all going to cost. If you just want to kill critters & dont mind being dicked around, Toby just might be your man.

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