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Bradford & Co. Guide Services, Ltd.

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Contact: Devlin Oestreich

Location: Dease Lake, British Columbia

Species Hunted: Black Bear, Canada Moose, Grizzly Bear, Mountain Caribou, Stone's sheep, Wolf

State(s) Hunted: BC


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outfitter review submitted by: Jim Bernardin on Feb 16 2001


Game Quality: EXCELLENT

Accommodation Quality: VERY GOOD

Camp Condition: VERY GOOD

Food Quality: EXCELLENT

Guide Experience: OUTSTANDING

Other Personal Experience: EXCELLENT



Reviewer Comments: Although this hunt took place two years ago, I feel compelled to report it so that my fellow sportsmen can be aware of the existence of a top notch outfitter. I booked this hunt as goat only. I took a 9-1/4" on the first day of a seven day hunt.I was flown back to base camp where I was able to relax, get a hot shower and enjoy the country. The outfitter, Myles Bradford, asked if I would like to try for moose. I responded, of course , that I would but did not have a license, nor did I have the trophy fee in my possession. No problem. Myles flew out to Dease Lake (90 miles each way), purchased my license for me and then flew me to another camp where he guided me personally. The next day I took an absolutely beautiful 54-1/2" bull with relly nice palms and points. Myles told me to just send the trophy fee and license money whenever it was convenient for me! I cannot say enough positive things about the Bradford's. They are truly first class people who know their business and are first rate professionals. They do not advertise, do not use booking agents and attend only one sportsmen's show, FNAWS. Their hunts are expensive but worth every red cent!I even could have taken a mountain grizzly. In seven days I saw trophy class mountain goat, moose, mountain caribou, stone sheep, black bear and grizzly. An unbelievable experience.

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