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Big Grass Outfitters

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Contact: Tom and Judy Usunier

Location: 2 hours northwest of Winnipeg , Manitoba

Species Hunted: Whitetail Deer, Black Bear

State(s) Hunted: MB


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outfitter review submitted by: Skip Yaeger on Nov 12 2009

Species Hunted: whitetail deer

Game Quality: poor

Accommodation Quality: fair

Camp Condition: fair

Food Quality: terrible

Guide Experience: n/a

Other Personal Experience: unknown

Overall Impression: very poor

Recommend: no!

Reviewer Comments: Went black powder hunting. Fall 2009. Only 2 hunters in camp. Put in same blinds over open fields 4 days in a row. Could see the other hunter. Saw 2 fawns and 2 does. They wouldn't let us out of the stands to walk. They wouldn't change us to different stands. Very unfriendly people to be around. Not much food and poor quality. Left early because we were so disgusted. Don't waste your money on this hunt.

outfitter review submitted by: John K From Pa on May 26 2009

Species Hunted: Black bear

Game Quality: Not Good

Accommodation Quality: Very Poor

Camp Condition: Abused

Food Quality: Breakfast Good But Not Lunch O

Guide Experience: only two guides

Other Personal Experience: ok

Overall Impression: Could Have Been So Much Better

Recommend: No

Reviewer Comments: Spring bear hunt in second week of may 09 in manitoba canada. Weather played a factor in the number of sightings but that is all. I dont know where to being but first we ask what time of vehicle to bring and she said any type is fine the roads are in good condition so we rented a car the trip was fine until we turned off the main road and to the muddy sandy gravel road.The road had big ruts in it and bottomed the car out many times and we had to drive on this road for like 3 miles so once we were on this gravel road we were looking for the sign for the outter camp which i will come back to talk about and couldnt see a sign so we tried calling but had no phone service so we stopped at a farm to use a phone but the farmer knew where we were headed so gave us the direction and we made it to the outter camp.So we meet the owners they show us where we are going to stay for the week and no wonder why they dont show this on ther brochure or web site it is not very nice. They said this is only used for spring bear hunts. So we go into the place we were staying and the first thing that hits you when you walk though the door is a funky smell which was the water that was well water and smelled like sulfur and they were to cheap to put a water filter on. So we put our gear away and asked how many people were here because there was alot of stuff in the rooms and the lady said there is 11 people hunting and when we booked this hunt she said there is 8 hunters only so we asked why so many people and she never gave us an answer. We later talk to the other guys there and there was one group of guys who booked and came together and there was 7 of them so she new a year in ahalf that there were more then 8 guys in camp.So we go to eat dinner and they tell us that they fired the cook so the owner had to cook and be a guide.Breakfast was ok but the rest was terrible they need to hire a cook. So we go out on the hunt first thing i notice they abuse there equipment they have to go fast as they can or not at all. Some people didnt get picked back up from there stands till after 11 and later if people got bears. They gave you two way radios to call them if you got a bear but they dont work to well if there is no reception. Then later on we learned that all of the guys were close to each other the could hear a quad picking up another hunt and other hunters could hear you shoot.So at the end of the week 7 out of the 11 guys took bear i think two guys passed because of size and only one guy took a nice size bear over 450lbs. The only good thing i could say is they do have alot of colorphase bears there. They say it is a trophy hunt and take big bear but it is far from a trophy hunt and definitely not worth what there charge and the price is going up next year. So i would not recommend them to anyone.

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