Butler Farms Outdoor Adventures

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Butler Farms Outdoor Adventures

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Contact: Sandra Butler

Location: Pittsfield, Illinois

Species Hunted: Whitetail Deer, Turkey

State(s) Hunted: IL


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outfitter review submitted by: Rick Phillips on Mar 25 2008

Species Hunted: Whitetail

Game Quality: Excellent

Accommodation Quality: Excellent

Camp Condition: Excellent

Food Quality: Very good and plenty of it!

Guide Experience: Unguided

Other Personal Experience: Very good

Overall Impression: Excellent

Recommend: Absolutely!!!

Reviewer Comments: I bow hunted at the Butler's Halloween week 2007 and had a darn good time. This is not a guided hunt, you actually get to hunt! What I mean is you get to scout your assigned section, select your stand sights and and actually HUNT! It's you and the deer and the elements. This not a canned hunt, nobody takes you by the hand and tells you what and when to shoot. I for one prefer to hunt on my own, to me that is a real hunt. I saw deer every day. I hunted from my own treestsnds and my own Double Bull Blind. I enjoyed close encounters nearly every day and had great stories to share at the Lodge in the evening.My second day out I spotted two huge bucks a couple hundred yards away and spent the next 3 days hunting the monster of my dreams. I passed on a beautiful 140 ish. class deer and held out for my monster. On the 4th. day of my hunt I had him within 17 yards and as I went to full draw a young doe busted me and Big Daddy bolted. He worked his way around me to try and wind me and I was shaking soooo bad I simply could not stand up and turn around to get a shot. Several days later he was videotaped and guestimated to be in the 170 to 180 class! Unfortunately the wind was howling on my last day and I saw the big guy Icome out past good shooting light. I would have extended my hunt but the Butler,s adhere to a 5 day cooling off period between hunters and I commend them for doing so. There are other outfitters in Pike County with larger tracts to hunt, fancy food plots and all, and of course the large price tags that go with them but if you want to hunt like the good old days and enjoy a family atmosphere The Butler's offer a quality experience that is a good value. I hope to return in 08!

outfitter review submitted by: Kevin Robison on Dec 3 2007

Species Hunted: Whitetail

Game Quality: Poor

Accommodation Quality: Excellent

Camp Condition: Excellent

Food Quality: Fair

Guide Experience: Non-guided

Other Personal Experience: Very Little Deer Hunting Exper

Overall Impression: Poor

Recommend: No

Reviewer Comments: I have hunted the first shotgun season with this outfitter for the last 3 years and only returned the third year because my father's hunt was half price. The quality and quantity of deer has decreased each year. The outfitter has no food plots on any of the tracts of land. Also, several of the tracts are small (60, 80, 150 acres) and you run into the problem of the adjoining landowners hunting on or near the property lines therefore it decreases the size of an already small tract of land. They list 2 other tracts available to hunt, the 130 and the 200 acres tracts, but in reality these 2 tracts are owned by the family and gun hunted by the family. You will not be gun hunting on either of these 2 tracts. The other tract advertised is 425 acres and it is leased. For the last 3 years only 2 guys have gun hunted this tract. This past year 5 gun hunters were put on the 80 and 150 acre tracts. Both of these tracts are less than half wooded. When asked about possibly going to the 60 acre tract I was told that you will hunt the farm you are assigned and there will be no jumping around. Meanwhile, 2 hunters hunt a 425 acre tract of which it borders the family owned 200 acre tract where one of the sons and the father hunt. The hunting itself and the knowledge of hunting that the outfitter has are both poor. The lodge is an excellent place to stay. I would only recommend you use this outfitter for lodging and not hunting. I've harvested deer each year but I would not recommend it to a freind. There are better places to hunt in Pike County.

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