Cross Creek

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Cross Creek

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Location: Nashville, Georgia

Species Hunted: Turkey, Dove, Quail, Ducks, Geese

State(s) Hunted: GA


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outfitter review submitted by: Tommy Burford on Apr 8 2007

Species Hunted: turkey

Game Quality: very poor

Accommodation Quality: poor

Camp Condition: poor

Food Quality: decent

Guide Experience: poor

Other Personal Experience: poor

Overall Impression: terrible

Recommend: no!!!!!!

Reviewer Comments: They had me up until I shot my turkey. I know that plantations shoot released quail,chukar,and phesants, but turkey? I heard no gobbling until I heard a truck. Then a turkey gobbled 150 yards from the lodge.I also saw no tracks on any of the property. The bird had no spurs,no beard(maybe 3/4"), and 2 maybe 3 feathers in its fan.I grew up in the woods and I can tell a pen raised (farm yard turkey) when I see one. Also when I got back to the lodge I could hear the other turkeys in the pens they had covered in a black material so you could not see inside. Before the hunt, the lodge owner filled me with so much bull about how the gov. turned the birds loose in '88. He also said there were too many turkeys, and that they were destroying the quail population. That is why he said they were starting to hunt them. It just drives my crazy to think how they must have laughed at me and my father for going all out in trying to hunt these "wild" birds (calling,decoys,etc.)They advertise "trophy Gobblers) on there website. Ha Ha . Just remember a good looking website will insure nothing, especially not a good hunt. It will never happen to me again. I will do all my homework next time.

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