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Big Woods Outfitters

Rated 1 out of 5.0 based on 1 Outfitter reviews.

Contact: Jason Brown

Location: Kingstree, South Carolina

Species Hunted: Whitetail Deer, Turkey

State(s) Hunted: SC


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Submitted by: Ashley Michie

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Review Submitted: Apr 5, 2013

Hunt Date: Apr 1, 2013

Species Hunted: Turkey

Days Hunted: 2

Hunt Type: Guided

Primary Terrain: Any

Method: Shotgun

Price Range: 1000-1999

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What A Joke

As I researched multiple places to take my boyfriend on a surprise turkey and hog hunt for a Christmas present, Big Woods Outfitters in Kingstree South Carolina caught my eye. After speaking to the owner on the phone I was extremely pleased we would be able to hunt hogs the last day you are able to in South Carolina with dogs and would also be able to hunt turkey the opening day of season down there...exciting right?...NOT! Discussed in our conversations previous to our trip I was told we would be able to kill as many hogs as we could, that we would be able to go out at night(in which we did, but it was like pulling teeth to get the owner to take us out for a whole hour and a half to hunt at night.) After seeing nothing we were picked up and brought back to the lodge. That morning we were joined at the lodge by two guys who were taking us on our hog really complaints there the two guys were great and had a great sense of humor excpet when asking one of them about the game population and the land their answer to me was.."no idea I just met this man last night." So unfortunately the two guys were excellent hog hunters and their dogs were wonderful but not knowing the land there was only so much they were capable of. I myself killed a hog and my boyfriend got one as well, neither of much size at all but still very exciting, so KUDOS to the two gentlemen on the hog hunt! After returning to camp there was not much excitement at all, we hung the largest of the two hogs up and was just pretty much looked at to take care of it. One of the two guides showed up Saturday evening and we all spent the day Sunday going separate ways as there was no hunting planned to be done on that day. After geting back Sunday evening it was our expectations we would make an effort to roost a turkey to be prepared for the next morning..none of that was done. Our guide and girlfriend made their way out to locate but the invitation to the guests was never offered. My Brother also went along on the trip with us so he was hunting Monday as 9pm Sunday night there was no game plan what so ever of who was going with who or where we were going. To make a long story short...the hunt was absolutely terrible, as far as game there are turkeys galore in Kingstree South Carolina, but the technique and the motivation it took was just not there. Our guide took his cell phone with him in the woods the whole time and it was either vibrating or ringing to let us know he had sooo many clients that wanted and needed his game calls, which is great but not the place or time. Alot of our day was spent riding in the truck trying to track a turkey. After getting onto three early that morning I set up with my guide directly beside me and my boyfriend about 10 feet away...never asking to have my hunt recorded (as I know how this is) the guide took his camera to record my hunt. Three gobblers came in at about 25 yards, I was then told "don't shoot until I tell you to," once they made their way TO WHERE HE COULD SEE THEM they were 48+ yards out and never once did he even say to shoot, he looked over at me and said, "well there they go, you lost them." In so many words he didn't want me to shoot until he could get it all on camera and at that point my scope was fogged and had no shot at all! We came back into the lodge around noon to eat lunch and head back out..I think we headed back around 4pm or a little after..most of the afternoon already gone at this point. We set up for about an hour to an hour and a half waiting on a turkey that the guide said was 'coming in' that actually answered a crow call in the woods! Got back into the vehicle and drove around until enough time he could say the evening was over. All the while..the whole time we were there since Friday there was land at the lodge where 3-4 gobblers were seen religiously everyday well that so happened to be where they set the guides girlfriend in a blind both days. Really makes sense to set here there when we were the ones paying the money to come and hunt. We are avid hunters and have been all of our lives so it's not the disappointment of bringing home only two hogs that's ringing through, it's the disappointment of the way we were treated while we were there. Once back at the lodge that evening the owner asked..YOU ALL HEADING OUT IN THE MORNING? We replied, we planned on hunting half a day Tuesday (as that was the plan) even what he confirmed with me Friday when were got there reason why he told us to get the three day and when to start the license so we could hunt Tuesday half a day. We were then told well that will be $150 per person (WHICH IS LISTED ON HIS WEB SITE AS A WHOLE DAY OF HUNTING PRICE.) Immediately the three of us were furious and told him no, no thanks we suppose we will be heading out in the morning. Walking back into the lodge shortly after that conversation on the porch everyone was quiet and had nothing to say...which tells us words were said while we were outside. Everyone went to bed that night quite sour...waking up the next morning it's a shame how quickly and anxious we were to get out of there before everyone showed up from THEIR morning hunt...feeling quite akward and unwelcomed so to speak. And welcomed outside of our bedroom door by dog poo that the guides dog had messed in the floor. We rushed to gather our belongings to head out thinking all the while the owner would come and see us off or help us with our hogs out in the cooler. Taking about an hour and a half to gather everything and organize it all in our truck we never saw anyone. The lodge is in complete view of the owners home and never once did he come over to thank us, assist us, or anything. When pulling out of the driveway to leave we saw him in his front yard!!!! GREAT HOSPITALITY!!! To make a long story short...we felt like a minority there and all they wanted was for our hunt to end and us to head out so they could continue their hunt as they normally do..WITHOUT GUESTS!!!! And hunt at night as they normally do WITHOUT GUESTS! Would not recommend Big Woods Outfitters in Kingstree South Carolina to anyone, don't waste your time OR YOUR MONEY!!!!We had 2 hogs hanging in the owner's cooler to take home with equipment was available for us to take care of the hogs so between the three of us we managed...FURIOUS the whole time!!!!!! I was certain I would receive a call from him after he watched us leave, yeah right! Now they can get back to how they really do things at Big Woods Outfitters..P.S. guys, no need to call in the permit to hunt at night 48 hours ahead of time we are outta there you are free to do as you please without calling it in!!!!!

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