Dakota Whitetail Outfitting

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Dakota Whitetail Outfitting

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Contact: Doug Thorp

Location: Willow City, North Dakota

Species Hunted: Whitetail Deer

State(s) Hunted: ND


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outfitter review submitted by: Tom Matz on Apr 18 2009

Species Hunted: whitetail deer

Game Quality: some small bucks

Accommodation Quality: ok remodeled basement

Camp Condition: fair,

Food Quality: home cooking

Guide Experience: owner operated

Other Personal Experience: n/a

Overall Impression: poor/much better hunts in the area

Recommend: No

Reviewer Comments: This was a five day archery hunt,morning hunts were within earshot of children waiting for the school bus. Never saw a deer in the a.m. Evening hunt were better, several small bucks were seen and we did manage to harvest a 21/2year old ten point. The largest deer sighted by myself or my partner. The deer processor that we were sent to was terrible. There was no burger and the meat we did receive was full of hair. For the price we paid, I feel you can do much better in the area both on quality, and quantity with much better acccomodations. Feel free to contact me. I have placed this reference before, but, it was removed.

outfitter review submitted by: Tom Matz on May 24 2006

Species Hunted: Whitetail deer

Game Quality: Very few quality bucks

Accommodation Quality: ok, basement remodeled

Camp Condition: n/a

Food Quality: home cooking

Guide Experience: new his property

Other Personal Experience: n/a

Overall Impression: fair,

Recommend: no, better hunts in the area

Reviewer Comments: This was a whitetail bow hunt in september, outfitter claimed excellent chance for pope & young, only saw two (2) bucks of any size we shot them both, a small 8 pt 11/2 yrold and a small 10 pt that was maybe a 21/2yr old. Morning hunts produced nothing not even a doe in the 4 days we hunted, all morning blinds were very close to the farm house, you could hear the school bus picking up the kids The meat processor used was a disaster, all meat full of hair and poorly cut, not even 1 pound of burger for the 2 deer, feel free to call me if you desire more info.

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