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Elk Basin Outfitters

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Contact: Dan & Angela Toothaker

Location: Austin, Colorado

Species Hunted: Elk, Mule Deer, Black Bear

State(s) Hunted: CO


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outfitter review submitted by: Jeff Petrous on Nov 4 2008

Species Hunted: ELK

Game Quality: none

Accommodation Quality: fair

Camp Condition: below average

Food Quality: below average

Guide Experience: below average

Other Personal Experience: below average

Overall Impression: below average

Recommend: no

Reviewer Comments: 6 hunters in camp, 4 of us did not see an elk all week. No shots on legal game were ever presented. Several other hunters not affiliated with our outfitter were spotted throughout the week. Other camp run by outfitter encroached on our area and shot 2 elk. That camp was run by the owners who had a wealthy businessman in their camp. Our guides admitted that he was taken care of more than the other hunters and us.

outfitter review submitted by: Gary Douglass on Oct 21 2008

Species Hunted: Bull Elk

Game Quality: Very Good

Accommodation Quality: Good

Camp Condition: Good

Food Quality: Very Good

Guide Experience: Excellent

Other Personal Experience: Excellent

Overall Impression: Excellent

Recommend: Yes

Reviewer Comments: My 4th successful bull elk hunt (black powder & rifle) with Elk Basin Outfitters (2001, 2003, 2007 & 2008). These folks work ‘HARD’ to put clients on game. Camp atmosphere has ALWAYS been pleasant. This truly is a wilderness hunting experience and every year brings its own variables of weather, moon phase, high/low winter game survival rates, and hunting pressure. All equipment and gear must come in on horse back; if you are expecting the Holiday Inn with room service look elsewhere. I recommend Dan Toothaker and his crew WITHOUT reservation. At 72 I was not in the best of shape for the mountains this year but Elk Basin Outfitters still made it happen! Most seasoned elk hunters realize that elk constantly move about but do have areas they frequent and Dan’s people begin by putting clients (the one’s who are capable and willing) into these areas. No solicitation has been made to me to post this reference; I am a paying client!

outfitter review submitted by: G Douglass on Oct 2 2007

Species Hunted: Bull Elk

Game Quality: Very Good +

Accommodation Quality: Very Good +

Camp Condition: Very Good +

Food Quality: Very Good +

Guide Experience: Excellent

Other Personal Experience: Excellent

Overall Impression: Excelent

Recommend: Without Reservation

Reviewer Comments: 2007; my third successful black powder hunt with Elk Basin Outfitters. Hard working and dedicated people!!! Year 1; 5x5 evening of 1st day. Year 2; 5x5 morning of 2nd day. Year 3; 6x5 morning of 1st day. This is vertical country, be physically prepared to hike, climb and walk. As with all hunts the weather, moon phase and hunter's conditioning play an important role. Some years the elk are more vocal than others but the guides know where they hang out if in the area. My above ratings are based upon 3 years of experience with this outfitter. The beauty of the West Elk Mountains and pleasure of the trail ride in/out are as rewarding as the hunting experience.

outfitter review submitted by: Darrell Johnson on Mar 6 2006

Species Hunted: ELK

Game Quality: VERY POOR

Accommodation Quality: POOR

Camp Condition: POOR

Food Quality: FAIR

Guide Experience: POOR

Other Personal Experience: NONE

Overall Impression: VERY POOR

Recommend: NO WAY

Reviewer Comments: Stay away from this outfitter. Area he hunts does not have many elk. Guides are very arrogent & not very friendly. Poor equipment and no preseason scouting.

outfitter review submitted by: Urs Blattmann on Mar 3 2006

Species Hunted: Elk, Mule Deer, Black Bear

Game Quality: Good

Accommodation Quality: Good

Camp Condition: Good

Food Quality: Very Good

Guide Experience: Excellent

Other Personal Experience: Very Good

Overall Impression: Very Good

Recommend: Highly Recommended

Reviewer Comments: I have hunted with Dan 4 different years and I am going back again this year. Most of Dans hunters have hunted with him before. Been blessed to take a 350"+ Elk in 2004 and a very nice 30" Mule deer last year. Dan hunts in a Wilderness Area and the terrain varies from rock faces to gentle rolling Aspen benches and open meadows. As with any Elk hunt in the high country, if you prepare yourself you will have a great hunt here. Practice shooting for longer shots and most important, prepare yourself physically. This is a true fair chase wilderness hunt and Dan runs a first class outfit. Check their website for refs and some nice Elk taken last couple of years.

outfitter review submitted by: Darrell Johnson on Dec 15 2005

Species Hunted: elk

Game Quality: few

Accommodation Quality: poor

Camp Condition: poor

Food Quality: fair

Guide Experience: 1 good & 1 lousey

Other Personal Experience: poor

Overall Impression: worst ever

Recommend: no way

Reviewer Comments: tents had holes in roof, no drinking water in camp, very very few animals sighted, lead guide was very arrogant and had no p.r. skills what so ever. went on a fully guided hunt and on the third day never saw my guide for 10 hrs. this is a very lousey run outfit & should not even call himself an outfitter.Only one of the guides had any knowledge of the country, but they did no preseason scouting and had no clue asa to where the game was. Also the guides expect a 500 + yard shot to be "within resonable range". Don't waste your money on this ( outfit )

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