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Higher Ground Outfitters

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Contact: Weston Clark

Location: Colorado Springs , Colorado

Species Hunted: Elk, Mule Deer

State(s) Hunted: CO

Website: no information on file

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outfitter review submitted by: Rodney on Mar 15 2009

Species Hunted: Elk

Game Quality: none

Accommodation Quality: Wall tent dirt floors

Camp Condition: Desent

Food Quality: Average

Guide Experience: Terrible

Other Personal Experience: none

Overall Impression: Worst ever

Recommend: Never

Reviewer Comments: Internet looks good the whole hunt was a scam, The guides were not from the area there was supposed to be some private land there was none we drove around for 900 miles looking for elk it was terrible until we met a guide from down the road at the local processor in Maybell and he went on to tell us the stories about Hollywood (aka Weston Clark)how he has scammed so many out of staters and giving the outfitters a bad name. Then this outfitter from Elk Spring (about 30 miles west of Maybell) said he would take us for $1000 dollars each and guarantee a legal Elk the next day so we went back to his lodge and he offered a beer to sooth our sorrows and we went out and within two hours i had an Elk down and the two other guys that went with me had theirs down by 7 am the next morning. So the one to contact for Elk hunting in Maybell is Russ Behrman in Elk Springs, CO. In conclusion, Weston Clark needs to have his outfitters license yanked because he is a disgrace to Colorado outfitters.

outfitter review submitted by: Christine on Apr 13 2007

Species Hunted: elk

Game Quality: n/a

Accommodation Quality: very nice condo

Camp Condition: good

Food Quality: awesome

Guide Experience: had never been to Colorado

Other Personal Experience: ?

Overall Impression: negative

Recommend: no

Reviewer Comments: This outfitter is not as he proclaims. I was not a hunter but someone who Weston had hired. After performing my duties, he has refused to pay me. I did all he asked and more, and as I left his statement to me "I was the best he had ever had, I was his go to girl". The ad in the paper read as "Model/Hostess/Cook Great pay! Cool boss $100.00 a day travel" He also asked for a picture before he hired me. The labor board has even tried to mediate with no avail. He told them he never hired me I just came to hang out with a friend. If any of you have any information on previous employees, or the camera men that filmed this hunt, or if you were on this hunt, October 23-28, 2006, please contact me. His whole business is a scam, one of his guides had never even been to Colorado or been a guide for big game. One of his camera men said he had not been paid either. I had no idea this would happen or I would have taken names. So please help if you can.

outfitter review submitted by: Jay Johnston on Dec 14 2006

Species Hunted: elk

Game Quality: non existent

Accommodation Quality: bed and breakfast-small

Camp Condition: unknown-used own

Food Quality: average

Guide Experience: never been in area

Other Personal Experience: sub standard

Overall Impression: worst in a lifetime

Recommend: not ever in any circumstance

Reviewer Comments: Higher Ground outfitters (Colorado not NM version)advertises a hunt in NW Colorado with a 300K hunt area of public and private land. Reality was we were driven out to a mesa 10 miles from Maybell and sat in 60 degree weather waiting for the elk migration. Could see the highway. People on every high point which makes it a very expensive road hunt. The "guide" had never been there before and no one had a backup plan or knowledge of the area. I had to use my own vehicle because the outfitter did not provide 4x4's or even have room for 2 hunters (single cab)The outfitter had 23 hunters in 2 camps, one of which was in a public square in Maybell with 30-40 other non residents. Not exactly what a "guided elk" hunt should feel like. I was the only hunter to tag out because I left the hunt plan and struck off on my own, climbing a mountain without any guide and killing an average bull. 1 in 23 are not good odds, but you wont see that in the brochure. The truth is that this hunt is totally dependent on a heavy snow, even then it would be a very hectic affair with alot of non residents chasing herds around on the mesa west of Maybell. You wont be told this on the phone with Clark. Avoid this outfitter at all costs. The hunt is completely misrepresented and conducted in a corrupt and unprofessional manner. Several hunters went with another outfitter 2/3 of the way through the hunt because they knew it was the only chance of seeing/taking an elk. If you want to hunt this area, buy a tag over the internet and pull your camper to the square in Maybell CO. You will probably see the outfitters tent there and save several thousands.

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