Homestead Lodge

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Homestead Lodge

Rated 1 out of 5.0 based on 3 Outfitter reviews.

Contact: John DaRosa

Location: Oxbow, Maine

Species Hunted: Whitetail Deer, Black Bear, Canada Moose, Grouse, Coyote

State(s) Hunted: ME

Website: no information on file

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Submitted by: Robert Packech

Review Submitted: Jul 20, 2011

Hunt Date: Sep 6, 2010

Species Hunted: Black Bear

Days Hunted: 6

Hunt Type: Guided

Primary Terrain: Foothills

Method: Rifle

Price Range: 1000-1999

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I made the mistake of going to the Homestead Lodge three years in a row---first and second year with my wife---never shot a bear (she didnt hunt). In two years (which translates into two weeks) i believe i saw eight bears harvested by 26 hunters. I saw a lynx. I went last year to give it one more try with my nephew. I called gloria in august she had a cancellation which meant we were able to book a hunt for 2400 for my nephew and I. We arrived a day early and stayed in a campground hoping to get a day of coyote hunting in before we went to the lodge. We stopped at the lodge to ask Gloria where we could hunt coyotes (remember we are in the wilds of maine) she told us there was no place we were allowed to hunt coyotes. NONE----as we were leaving her husband John pulled in and informed us we could hunt in a variety of locations----three miles down from her home is the great north woods of maine with 200000 square miles of open coyote hunting --she failed to tell us about this for some unknown reason. Her lodge-is on a little country road with about 30 homes along it---not out in the woods-with snow capped mountains behind it like the website leads you to believe. Well, the next day we arrived at the lodge----Gloria promptly told us we owed her 2800 dollars---I said you told us these were cancellation hunts they were 2400---she reluctantly said, "well if thats what i told you then i will take a 400 dollar beating" They were cancellation hunts ---how else could we have made a reservation in august (two guys paid their deposit of 200 and backed out). My nephew and i were seperated -----my nephew went with six guys in a van--I went with five guys in a pickup with a small back seat area. The first night i was placed in a ground blind----I had a stump or an old metal folding chair with no arms on in which to sit from two in the afternoon---till dark---and you were told to remain motionless. I saw nothing in five days of hunting----two guys out of 12 got bears----oh yeah one guy shot a 24 pound cub---no bigger than a beagle. Still we stayed--John the other guide is very nice----he has a helper who is also very nice. I asked Johns helper if my bear bait was baited every night---he said replied, "well no---your bait may be put there every other day -----or sometimes once or twice a week---no wonder i saw nothing--yet the website claims they bait for a month daily. Now to good ole Gloria. My nephew asked her for a glass of milk one morning----she denied him a glass of milk---why i have no idea? but for 2400--- youd think a glass of milk would not be too much to ask. Next he asked for a fresh towel---you get a washcloth and a towel---you are told to use it all week---well his became a little smelly from being damp---six guys use one shower room----she said NO you cannot have another towel!! I have a short right leg--i wear a leg brace to walk--my right leg is a foot shorter than my left---i approached the truck first in the afternoon to leave for a hunt and took a seat in the front of the vehicle ---i told Gloria im glad to be first out tonight--cause i cannot sit in the cramped back-----she informed me that i would have to get in the back as soon as one of her "regular clients came out" because he got carsick and couldnt ride in the back-----lol he was a rich guy who owned a chemical company and brought three hunters to her every year---i got in the back----got back to the lodge that evening and left a day early. That evening a guy brought in the 24 pound cub. Do NOT go there--- go to Gods County Guide Service or Oxbow lodge down the road---the meals were bare minimum---you got kool aid each day which was basically red water------John the other guide was great but it doesnt make up for the rude, obnoxious, and unethical (trying to get an extra 400 bucks out of my nephew and I) behavior of Gloria. Several of the other "guests" there expressed the same concerns as my nephew and I. Sorry John if you read this ----but honestly, you need to get your partner to be more client friendly and less devious.

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outfitter review submitted by: Chris Wells on Sep 29 2004

Species Hunted: Black Bear

Game Quality: Healthy

Accommodation Quality: Excellent

Camp Condition: Excellent

Food Quality: Excellent

Guide Experience: Excellent

Other Personal Experience: N/A

Overall Impression: loved it, as usual

Recommend: Yes

Reviewer Comments: This was my second year in a row to John and Gloria's Home/Lodge to hunt bears. This place is a well oiled machine John taking care of the duties around the lodge while Gloria prepares the 3 meals a day on top of taking her clients to stand and Paul tending baits and making the clients laugh. While bait hunting you only go out in the evenings 2PM til last light which gives you a chance to ride the country side or back roads in the mornings to watch Moose or Deer. This year I had the opportunity to see a huge bull Moose, Deer, Grouse, Pine Martin and a Fischer by either Riding or from the stand on top of the 2 Bears of which one I harvested. I can't say enough about how much I enjoy visiting northern Maine and Hunting with John, Gloria and Paul. I just hope I get to return next year, lets see what November 2nd brings!

outfitter review submitted by: Chris Wells on Sep 8 2003

Species Hunted: Black Bear

Game Quality: Excellent

Accommodation Quality: None Better

Camp Condition: Sparkling

Food Quality: Home Cooked

Guide Experience: Excellent

Other Personal Experience: Excellent

Overall Impression: Already Rebooked

Recommend: No Question

Reviewer Comments: Gloria & John own and operate the lodge and they do a fantastic job at providing a comfortable and welcome stay. Paul is the only other guide besides Gloria and John and he is truly a pleasure and fun person to be around. They take only a limited amount of hunters and provide them with the best opportunity possible for harvisting a bear. Only 1 person per bait site per year is the norm here and it truly makes you feel special and not like just another hunter coming through camp. John is always on top of where the game is no matter if its bear moose coyote or deer they hunt them all.

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