Quebec Hunting Information

Hunt Quebec for: Whitetail Deer, Black Bear, Quebec-Labrador Caribou, Canada Moose, Turkey - Eastern, Ptarmigan, Ducks, Geese

Quebec Hunting Regulations

Make sure to check out Quebec's main website on hunting and fishing regulations at for the latest hunting rules and regs. ... more Quebec hunting regulations

Quebec Hunting Seasons

Bag limits Caribou In autumn, hunting for caribou is permitted: * in Zone 23 (north) or in Zone 24 where two caribous may be harvested. A person may only hold one of these two licences: Zone 23 (north) autumn or Zone 24 autumn. In winter, hunting is allowed: * in sector A of Zone 22 where two caribous may be harvested; * in Zone 23 (north and south) where two caribous in all may be harvested; non-resident's licences are only valid in Zone 23 (north); * in sector B of Zone 22 where two caribous may be harvested. Non-residents may harvest six caribous, i.e. two in autumn and four in winter. White-tailed deer A person is allowed to hunt only one white-tailed deer for all of the zones, except for Zone 20. However, a person who first bags an antlerless deer under a 1st harvest antlerless deer licence (random draw, page 19) in the part of the zone indicated on this licence may then go on to bag a second white-tailed deer under a regular licence by respecting the rules in effect in the season during which that person is hunting. A 1st harvest antlerless deer hunting licence can only be used if the licence-holder also holds a valid regular white-tailed deer hunting licence. In Zone 20 (île d'Anticosti), from August 1st to 31, a hunter may bag two deer with antlers per stay and, from September 1st to December 24, a hunter may, with the appropriate licences for this area, bag four white-tailed deer per stay, only two of which may be deer with antlers. Special provisions are in effect in wildlife sanctuaries and outfitter establishments with exclusive rights (see Sharing of antlerless deer hunting licence and Hunting white-tailed deer in a group). Moose During the same year, one moose per two hunters may be bagged for all of the zones where hunting for this species is allowed. In zecs Bas-Saint-Laurent, Bras-Coupé-Désert, Casault, Chapais, Pontiac, Rivière-Blanche and Saint-Patrice, the bag limit is one moose per three hunters; in all other zecs, the bag limit is identical to the zone, namely one moose per two hunters. During limited-access hunting in a wildlife sanctuary (hunting rights generally attributed by random draw), the limit is ordinarily one moose per group composed of three or four hunters taking part in the same expedition. However, in the Chic-Chocs, Dunière, La Vérendrye, Matane, Portneuf and Rimouski wildlife sanctuaries, depending on the package obtained, the bag limit may be one moose per group of three or four hunters as indicated in the previous paragraph or be established as follows: * Réserve faunique des Chic-Chocs : Two moose per group of 6 or 8 hunters with one moose being antlerless, the limit is then one moose per 3 or 4 hunters. * Réserve faunique de Dunière and Réserve faunique de Matane : o Two moose per group of 6 or 8 hunters, with one moose being antlerless, the limit is then one moose per 3 or 4 hunters. o Three moose per group of 6 hunters, with two moose being antlerless, the limit is then one moose per 2 hunters. o One antlerless moose per group of 2 hunters. o Two antlerless moose per group of 4 hunters, the limit is then one moose per 2 hunters. o One antlerless moose per group of 3 or 4 hunters one of whom is less than 18 years of age. * La Vérendrye, Portneuf and Rimouski wildlife sanctuaries: two moose per group of 6 or 8 hunters; the limit is then one moose per 3 or 4 hunters. Black bear Hunters are allowed to kill two black bear per year, one of which must come from Zone 10 in the autumn.

Quebec Hunting Licenses

Quebec Hunting Overview

Quebec is probably best know as an excellent caribou hunting destination. Hunters from across the globe travel to Quebec to hunt their big Quebec-Labrador caribou migration. In addition to caribou hunting, Quebec offers black bears, Canada moose and whitetails.

Alberta Hunting Information

Alberta is a large, diverse province with rolling prairies, farmland, river bottoms, Boreal forests, and large expanses of the northern Rocky Mountains. Many species of big game, waterfowl, upland game and predators inhabit Alberta. Long known for monster whitetails, Alberta also is home to big mule deer, pronghorn antelope, elk, black bear, cougar, Canada moose, and bighorn sheep. In fact, 7 of the 10 largest bighorn sheep in Boone and Crockett record book are from Alberta. In addition to big game, Alberta offers some top notch bird hunting. Serious waterfowlers know about the large flocks of ducks and geese that call Alberta home or migrate through.

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Oregon Hunting Information

Oregon is not known to be a trophy big game producing state. That said they do have good quantities of animals such as Elk.

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British Columbia Hunting Information

British Columbia is an excellent hunting destination that offers a wide variety of game species. Vast wilderness areas and pristine coastlines provide world class adventure hunting for those seeking that trip of a lifetime. BC is arguably best known for big coastal black bears, Canada moose, grizzly bear, mountain lion, Dall sheep and Stone sheep. Hunters can book a hunt with an outfitter and avoid the license drawing process common in most U.S. states.

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