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Bear Paw Outfitting Co. Ltd.

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Contact: Scott Taylor

Location: Alberta

Species Hunted: Whitetail Deer, Elk, Mule Deer, Black Bear, Canada Moose

State(s) Hunted: AB


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outfitter review submitted by: Jim Noon on Jan 8 2010

Species Hunted: White Tail

Game Quality: Very good

Accommodation Quality: The best

Camp Condition: Great

Food Quality: Great

Guide Experience: Extremly professional

Other Personal Experience: Extremly Professional

Overall Impression: The best I have been on

Recommend: Yes

Reviewer Comments: The best hunt I have been on. The hunting the guides, the camp, and the food was all top notch. Going back next year.

outfitter review submitted by: Glen Bachman on Jul 14 2009

Species Hunted: Whitetail, Moose, Mule Deer

Game Quality: Very Good

Accommodation Quality: Excellent

Camp Condition: Excellent

Food Quality: Excellent

Guide Experience: Very Good

Other Personal Experience: Excellent

Overall Impression: First Rate

Recommend: Absolutely

Reviewer Comments: I killed a good whitetail early in the hunt and could have held out for better. Bull Moose were a little scarce but the weather was unseasonably warm and there were tons of cows around. I killed a nice 40 inch Bull after a lot of hard work by the guides. I added a mule deer tag at the end of the hunt and Scott Taylor was very honest with me about expectations given that the mule deer was added last minute. I was told 160-170 was a reasonable expectation. The second last morning of the hunt my guide stopped me from shooting an ok Mule deer, telling me we could do better. That afternoon I killed a 190 + Mulie, again after extraordinary effort by my guide. This is a first-rate operation, top to bottom. You get what you pay for and I look forward to returning. Scott Taylor runs a great operation.

outfitter review submitted by: Chris Daniels on Feb 14 2009

Species Hunted: Whitetail Deer

Game Quality: Excellent

Accommodation Quality: Good

Camp Condition: Excellent

Food Quality: Excellent

Guide Experience: Excellent

Other Personal Experience: Excellent

Overall Impression: The Best of the Best

Recommend: Yes

Reviewer Comments: I have been on a lot of hunts with a lot of guides and this is one hunt that exceeded my expectations. It is truly a sportsman's paradise. The amount of large (as in 140 and above) bucks that I saw was far beyond anything I have ever experienced or even expected to experience. It is also neat to see mule deer, moose, elk, wolves and whitetails all in one place. The guides are great -- very friendly and they actually know their stuff. Food is great. The blinds are well positioned and comfortable. Absolutely a first rate hunt. Well worth skipping several little hunts and putting the money toward going here some day if you are looking for a bruiser buck.

outfitter review submitted by: Louis Fleece on Mar 14 2008

Species Hunted: spring bear

Game Quality: great

Accommodation Quality: excellent

Camp Condition: excellent

Food Quality: excellent******

Guide Experience: Very proffesional

Other Personal Experience: same

Overall Impression: The highest

Recommend: very much so

Reviewer Comments: This is a very relaxing,fun hunt.there is no hurry, you see all types of game. Bears are plentiful.The cooking is worth the trip itself.The guides take their time to make sure you are in the best stands they have and they are all active.The camp is very clean.Anyone would enjoy this hunt.

outfitter review submitted by: Ken S. Keesee on Jun 9 2007

Species Hunted: Spring Black Bear

Game Quality: Excellent

Accommodation Quality: Excellent

Camp Condition: Very Good

Food Quality: Superb!

Guide Experience: Superb!

Other Personal Experience: Superb!

Overall Impression: Excellent A++++

Recommend: Absolutely!

Reviewer Comments: I along with three buddies traveled to St. Isidore Alberta for the first Spring Bear Hunt of 2007. We flew to Edmonton and drove the remaining 6 hours North to the lodge. Scott Taylor is a hands on owner who truly cares about your success and satisfaction. When he could not actually be in camp, he managed to call and personally speak to every hunter daily. The lodge is terrific, Smokey the cook is fabulous. My Guide Jamie without a doubt knows his business and went above and beyond to insure success, as did all other guides. We went 200% each taking two bears. This outfit is serious about hunting and their effort and preparation was apparent. For a first rate Spring Bear Hunt, with an opportunity for color phase and a true wilderness experience Bearpaw would be hard to beat. I will go back as soon as the piggy bank is full again. These are truly "Good Folks"!

outfitter review submitted by: Michael Sodolak on Dec 4 2006

Species Hunted: Whitetail Deer

Game Quality: Outstanding 170+ B&C

Accommodation Quality: Comfortable Lodge on property

Camp Condition: Excellent

Food Quality: Home Cooking

Guide Experience: Best ever experienced

Other Personal Experience: Outstanding

Overall Impression: Return in Heartbeat

Recommend: Definately!

Reviewer Comments: If you want a realistic opportunity at a big Canadian whitetail or mule deer, Scott Taylor's Bearpaw Outfitting is the place to go. I saw 100's of deer during my hunt and three shooters (High 160's, Mid 170's, and a Low 160's) not to mention countless 130 and 140 Class Bucks and even a couple 150 bucks. Saw multiple 180+ Mulies including one 190 at 50 yards. Scott's team works extremely hard for you and they want you to enjoy your time with them. His repeat clientele should be testimony enough for his quality operation (85% repeat hunters). During my hunt there was a 187, 183, and 174 plus countless 160's whitetail taken. A 190 Mulie was taken along with several others. The lodge is comfortable and Smokey (the cook) makes plenty of down home style food. He is booked years in advance, but if you can get in on his hunts it is well worth your time.

outfitter review submitted by: Steve Niedzielski on Jul 13 2006

Species Hunted: Mule Deer/Bear

Game Quality: very high end

Accommodation Quality: excellent

Camp Condition: very good

Food Quality: excellent/too much

Guide Experience: very good

Other Personal Experience: very good

Overall Impression: good as it gets

Recommend: Absolutely

Reviewer Comments: Bowhunted 3 years running with Bearpaw. All hands work very hard to give a great hunt. Hunts are typically 9 days compared to most outfits 6. Mule deer quality is off the charts. I killed 2 bucks with them, 188 & 207. Saw MANY 200" plus deer. Bear numbers and quality are silly. Scott Taylor is as straight as they come. Him and his staff deliver on promises, something that is increasingly rare in the industry.

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