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Rio Grande Outfitting Service

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Contact: Ash Tulley

Location: Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Species Hunted: Elk, Mule Deer, Bighorn Sheep, Shiras Moose

State(s) Hunted: CO


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outfitter review submitted by: Dan Simerson on May 30 2007

Species Hunted: Elk

Game Quality: Excellent

Accommodation Quality: Excellent

Camp Condition: Excellent

Food Quality: Better than Excellent !

Guide Experience: Very, Very Good

Other Personal Experience: Very, Very Good

Overall Impression: Great !

Recommend: Without A Doubt , YES

Reviewer Comments: Two friends and I hunted during the muzzleloader season in 2005.Jake and Sal provided a high quality hunt in the most beautiful, remote country I've ever seen. All services provided were outstanding. If I ever get enough points to draw again, They would be the only outfit I'd even think about hiring.

outfitter review submitted by: Dennis Eberhardt on May 24 2007

Species Hunted: elk

Game Quality: excellent

Accommodation Quality: excellent

Camp Condition: excellent

Food Quality: very very good

Guide Experience: best there is

Other Personal Experience: excellent

Overall Impression: outstanding

Recommend: highly recommend

Reviewer Comments: Jake is an outstanding guide and outfitter. His knowledge of elk and how to hunt them is unsurpassed. The hunt area is the best I have ever seen and provides ample elk to chosse from. Last season my son and I saw over 100 elk a day with many quality bulls. We both shot 6x6 bulls with one scoring well in the 300+ range(rough scoure 340). Jake and his wife Sal run a great comfortable camp. Their hunting area (unit 76) is the best I've seen and we plan to hunt their area again. Our previous hunts resulted in 100% success of quality bulls. Thanks Jake and Sal Dennis Eberhardt

outfitter review submitted by: Julian Beld on Sep 29 2004

Species Hunted: Elk

Game Quality: very good

Accommodation Quality: good

Camp Condition: very good

Food Quality: excellant

Guide Experience: Jake IS the benchmark

Other Personal Experience: excellant

Overall Impression: outstanding

Recommend: with out hesitation

Reviewer Comments: Jake is the benchmark by which others should be judged. He just plain knows his stuff and he uses his knowledge with the hunters ability in mind to put you in the best possible situation for sucess.

outfitter review submitted by: Mike Nyalko on Jun 18 2004

Species Hunted: Elk

Game Quality: Excellent

Accommodation Quality: Excellent, Wilderness Camp

Camp Condition: Excellent

Food Quality: Excellent, great cook!

Guide Experience: Excellent

Other Personal Experience: Excellent

Overall Impression: Lifetime Experience!

Recommend: Yes - there is none better!

Reviewer Comments: Jake and Sal are a pleasure to be with and share a bowhunting camp. My buddy and I have made two new friends. Jake and Sal are both accomplished bowhunters. Jake is a highly skilled hunter and guide and knows elk and elk calling - he makes it look easy. The high country scenery and wilderness hunt were worth the trip - our elk were a bonus. I can't recommend a hunt with Jake and Sal high enough.

outfitter review submitted by: Tom Adelman on Feb 28 2003

Species Hunted: Elk

Game Quality: Very good

Accommodation Quality: Wilderness Camping

Camp Condition: good

Food Quality: very good

Guide Experience: excellent

Other Personal Experience: excellent

Overall Impression: Exceptional exoerience

Recommend: Most highly

Reviewer Comments: I did a muzzleloading hunt with the Powells in Sept 2002.I had been applying for the permit for a number of years and was very happy I chose to hunt with the Powells.Jake was excellent at not only knowing where the Elk were but was a great caller.The area we hunted is a wilderness area and the whole experience was a trip of a lifetime.We saw a number of elk and had opportunities for bulls that were in the 6x6 category.I shot a bull that was 6x6 and scored 310.I would definetly use the Powells for future Elk hunts.

outfitter review submitted by: Gene Kodama on Feb 25 2003

Species Hunted: elk

Game Quality: very good

Accommodation Quality: very good

Camp Condition: very good

Food Quality: excellent

Guide Experience: excellent

Other Personal Experience: excellent

Overall Impression: excellent

Recommend: yes

Reviewer Comments: Jake and his wife Sal were an excellent outfitting team for my 1999 elk bowhunt. Jake is a world class hunter, woodsman, and archer. Sal ran an outstanding camp in support of Jake and his hunters. Her cooking was excellent. Their care and concern for their hunters was excellent. Their hunting areas were outstanding as was Jake's knowledge of the areas, the game, and how to hunt. I continue to try to get enough preference points to hunt with Jake again in his area.

outfitter review submitted by: Eliot Protsch on Feb 22 2003

Species Hunted: ELK

Game Quality: Exceptional

Accommodation Quality: Very Good

Camp Condition: Very Good

Food Quality: Outstanding

Guide Experience: The Very Best!

Other Personal Experience: The Very Best!

Overall Impression: Outstanding

Recommend: Yes

Reviewer Comments: Jake and Sal Powell are two of the finest people that I have ever met. My friend and I spent 7 days with the two of them in the CO high country in Sept, 02. The quality of the hunt, food and accomodations, equipment, guiding service and their overall companionship was just outstanding! The Powell's have a one of a kind franchise area in a trophy elk unit that represents a true wilderness adventure for those willing to experience their type of hunt. My friend harvested a 310 class bull elk with a muzzle loader and I had several such opportunities. Both my friend and I would highly recommend them. I hope to live long enough to go back to their franchise area sometime,(hopefully with the Powell's). However, with the CO nonresident elk hunting program for the trophy zones, it might be awhile. Both my friend and are fortunate that we were able retain Jake and Sal as outfitters having waited 10 years for our trophy permits for unit 76. I would highly suggest that those looking for a great elk hunt with two great people check out Jake and Sal, they will not be disappointed!

outfitter review submitted by: Gene Weidemoyer on Feb 16 2003

Species Hunted: Elk, and others

Game Quality: Excellent

Accommodation Quality: Excellent

Camp Condition: Excellent

Food Quality: Excellent

Guide Experience: Excellent

Other Personal Experience: Excellent

Overall Impression: Excellent

Recommend: Absolutely

Reviewer Comments: I have been on several bow and rifle hunts with Jake, and I rate him as the most knowledgable hunter I have ever shared a camp with. Almost anyone can become an outfitter, but very few outfitters are accomplished hunters. Jake is one of the most successful bowhunters in Colorado and has been recognized by his peers for his extraordinary accomplishments. He shares his knowledge and experiences on his hunts. Whether it is elk, deer, moose, sheep or other Colorado game species you're after, Jake will provide you a top-notch, high quality hunt.

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