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NextHunt offers a common sense advertising service guaranteed to produce results or your money back!

Use customer testimonials and word of mouth feedback from an unbiased third party to attract new customers.


Two options available, one free and one paid.

1. Set up a free Business Account, keep your company profile at NextHunt updated and accurate. Simply fill out the form on the right side of this page and go. Remember to have your clients submit reviews.

2. Premium Profile*: This optional service creates an excellent customer feedback loop that gets more hunters visiting, contacting and buying services from you. It's a very common sense approach to online marketing, use client feedback to attract new clients. Click the links below to view a successful outfitter who is actively using this service. NextHunt's premium profile is guaranteed to work or your money back. Introductory rate for this advertising service is only $100 per year. Call JT at 614-309-1969 to get started today.

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Craig Smith, Owner of Triple Three Outfitters says "Client reviews keep me booked a year or two out, I ask all my hunters to put in a review, it's a great service!"


Premium Profile Advertising Service & Benefits*

  • Book new hunters for a fraction of the cost of agents, consultants or traveling to shows with none of the hassle.

  • Track results. Premium profiles record all hunter inquiries, clicks to your site, email inquiries and clicks for your phone number.

  • Get a customized review widget for your site that creates a constant reminder for review submission and displays most recent 3 reviews to hunters for free.

  • Courtesy email blasts provided to inform and remind clients to share their opinions by submitting reviews.

  • Sell against competitors, your profile is displayed in our "You May Also Like" category during searches.

  • Get positioned at the beginning of relevant NextHunt searches.

  • Member access to read all categories of reviews.

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Business Account Sign Up

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The account set up process has a built in fraud protection, you must have email access to receive the validation code and enter it soon after you receive it. After account set up, you will see your "Business Owner Account" page. That's where you will have the option to edit your profile and buy clicks.

NOTICE: Company profiles at always contain past client reviews and average client rating, if available. Companies may respond to each client review with their own comments at no charge. A Business Account will NOT allow reviews to be changed, edited or deleted, nor can changes be made to overall client rating of your service.