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Bar E Ranch

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Contact: Larry & Tina

Location: Hondo, Texas

Species Hunted: Whitetail Deer, Wild Boar, Bison, Sitka Blacktail deer

State(s) Hunted: TX


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outfitter review submitted by: Jerry Sakowski on Aug 21 2007

Species Hunted: Exotics/Hogs

Game Quality: Good

Accommodation Quality: Excellent

Camp Condition: Good

Food Quality: NA

Guide Experience: Excellent

Other Personal Experience: NA

Overall Impression: Very Good

Recommend: Yes

Reviewer Comments: Hunted August 07. Hunters included myself and two sons (14 and 12), both of which are very experienced archers for their young ages. I killed a decent Axis Buck (~26 inches) but slipped up on two very large Axis Bucks fighting while blood trailing the one I arrowed. Both of those Axis were over 30 inches. Almost wish I had held off a little longer, but on the other hand, that was the only shot at a shooter exotic that I had. My fourteen year old killed a nice Corsican Ram and my twelve year old didnt get a shot. My twelve year old was hunting a sheep package and actually had a good opportunity to take a Fallow buck, but couldnt on the sheep package. I upgraded his hunt to exotic during the middle of the hunt so he could have the choice of either sheep or exotic, but he never got another shot at either. I was surprised that the hunting for exotics and sheep was actually quite challenging, especially when you only have two days. On the other hand, each and every sit, each one of us had several shooter whitetails visit our stand locations. The whitetails seemed to have very little fear of humans. They were probably a little less cautious in August when they arent getting shot at, but I must say, I have never seen whitetails seemingly as tame as these. My overall impression was very good. The Zimmermans run a very nice operation and I found no discrepancies in their advertising material verse what the hunt is actually like. Accomodations were actually much better than I expected. If you like a challenge, I would recommend hunting exotics or the Super Exotics (like Red Stag). If you would like to shoot your first Whitetail, or take a youngster to shoot their first whitetail, this would be the place. As for hogs, our expectations were quite a bit higher than reality. Im sure there are plenty of hogs as we did see several after dark while riding back to camp (mostly in the NO HUNTING ZONE). However, to give Bar E the benefit of the doubt, Im sure that August is probably the worst time to hunt hogs during daylight hours. I will be going back. I am planning on taking my wife and daughter to hunt whitetails, and the boys and I will hunt exotics again.

outfitter review submitted by: Harold Weimer on Feb 20 2007

Species Hunted: Rams-Hogs-Exotics

Game Quality: Good

Accommodation Quality: Great

Camp Condition: Great

Food Quality: N/A

Guide Experience: Good(Semi-Guided)

Other Personal Experience: Good

Overall Impression: Great

Recommend: Yes

Reviewer Comments: This is a great bowhuning ranch. I got a nice Black Hawaiian and Aoudad. Numerous animals fair to great quality. You will see all sizes. Larry and Tina are super people make you feel at home. This would be a great ranch for hunters just starting out, taking my two 12 years old boys in 2008 for a great expeirence.

outfitter review submitted by: Justin Phillips on Oct 27 2005

Species Hunted: Exotics / Wild Boar

Game Quality: Excellent

Accommodation Quality: Very Clean

Camp Condition: Excellent

Food Quality: N/A

Guide Experience: Very Helpful

Other Personal Experience: Excellent

Overall Impression: Excellent

Recommend: Absolutely

Reviewer Comments: I booked a wild hog/ exotic hunt for Sept 05. The rooms and hospitality were great. Larry and Tina went above and beyond my expectations to make sure everyone in camp had a great time. The only negative was the unusually hot weather. The amount and variety of game was staggering. I was able to to see some very large fallow, red stag, and axis deer. There was also a wide selection of goat and rams. I was very pleased to connect with a nice fallow. Can't wait to return for a whitetail (alot of deer there)or red stag hunt.

outfitter review submitted by: Pablo Guardiola on Sep 30 2005

Species Hunted: Hogs and Exotics

Game Quality: Very Good

Accommodation Quality: Excellent

Camp Condition: Excellent

Food Quality: Provide Your Own

Guide Experience: Good

Other Personal Experience: Good

Overall Impression: Highly Recommended

Recommend: Absolutely

Reviewer Comments: Larry and Tina are two of the most decent people you will ever meet. The quality of the exotics are very good but you will have to really hunt to get a good one. The price is hard to beat, the accomidations are excellent and the owners are second to none. I would highly recommend this hunt and feel free to email me with questions.

outfitter review submitted by: Bob Wendel on Jul 4 2005

Species Hunted: Blackbuck

Game Quality: Excellent

Accommodation Quality: Excellent

Camp Condition: Excellent

Food Quality: Bring your own

Guide Experience: Excellent

Other Personal Experience: Excellent

Overall Impression: Excellent

Recommend: Absolutely

Reviewer Comments: The Bar E is an excellent bow hunting ranch with a wide variety of animals, excellent staff and accomodations. Highly recommended.

outfitter review submitted by: JASON AMARO on Apr 11 2005

Species Hunted: Hogs

Game Quality: 0

Accommodation Quality: N/A

Camp Condition: okay

Food Quality: N/A

Guide Experience: He was a taxi driver

Other Personal Experience: N/A

Overall Impression: Not good

Recommend: NO.

Reviewer Comments: We spent 3 days looking for HOGS and NEVER saw one from our stands.. To say the least the hunt was a MESS... There was a group of hunters of MI hunting exotics and sheep and they were walking all around the hunting areas during the day taking running shots at animals and just getting all the animals stirred up.. the guide(Rusty V.) should have told them to stop pushing all the animals but he didn't... It was a messed..All of the animals were pushed really hard... I understand that hunting is hunting but the pressure did nothing to increase our chances...I have no problem with spot and stalk hunting but the ranch was just too small for this type of hunting.. There was also a bunch of ethical and legal issue that the guide did not care about.. The guys from MI had been to the ranch several times and they mentioned that the ranch had been going downhill.. This was my first and last time to this ranch..

outfitter review submitted by: J. McClain on Aug 11 2004

Species Hunted: exotic

Game Quality: excellent

Accommodation Quality: excellent

Camp Condition: excellent

Food Quality: n/a

Guide Experience: excellent

Other Personal Experience: n/a

Overall Impression: excellent

Recommend: yes

Reviewer Comments: Went to Bar E year it openedand the place was immaculate. It really suprised me that my return trip 07-04 camp was looked just the way I left it. Very clean. Marvin the ranch manager is great, very experienced hunter to say the least. Now to the animals, saw some 36 inch axis, a monster texas dahl and black hawaian equally impressive. I'm not a sheep hunter but almost had to throw my bow to the ground to keep from taking a shot a the Dahl sheep, he is huge!!! Say some really good fallows, overall great place and you cant go wrong hunting this ranch. Money and vacation days well spent. Oh yeah he has some monster red stags!

outfitter review submitted by: Jaime Garza on Aug 17 2003

Species Hunted: Exotics

Game Quality: fair

Accommodation Quality: good

Camp Condition: good

Food Quality: n/a

Guide Experience: great

Other Personal Experience: very poor

Overall Impression: not worth the trouble

Recommend: never!!

Reviewer Comments: We were treated very bad at the Bar-E. Mr.Eakin is not a very fair owner/outfitter. For the money you can hunt a lot of other ranches in Texas and be treated fair.

outfitter review submitted by: J. Carpenter on Jul 27 2003

Species Hunted: Exotics

Game Quality: Great

Accommodation Quality: Excellent

Camp Condition: Excellent

Food Quality: N/A

Guide Experience: Great

Other Personal Experience: Excellent

Overall Impression: Awsome

Recommend: Most Definetly

Reviewer Comments: Trophy animals are on the ranch and extremely wary to hunt, (gee, I wonder how they got so big). Ranch hands were extremly helpful with transportation and retreival of game. The accomidations were outstanding, very clean and well maintained. For a very economical hunt I don't think you will find a better ranch to hunt. I will be visiting Bar e, at least on a yearly basis.

outfitter review submitted by: RICK TURNER on Jul 24 2002

Species Hunted: EXOTICS/HOGS

Game Quality: EXCELLENT

Accommodation Quality: OUTSTANDING

Camp Condition: OUTSTANDING

Food Quality: NA

Guide Experience: NA

Other Personal Experience: OUTSTANDING

Overall Impression: OUTSTANDING



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